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Nautical Brass Telescope Single Barrel Base Tripod Wooden Decor

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30.84 £30.84

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Item no :
Weight :
2.0000 Kg
Ground Diameter :
Height :
Volume Weight :
2 Kg
Color :
Antique finish
Material Used :
Brass & Wood
Usage :
Home Decoration, As a gift, Bird Watching etc
Packing :
Packed in single Parcels, Corrugated Export packing
Tube Length Min/Max :


Single brass Marine table decor is made up of brass & wood. It will add a vintage feel to your desks, living rooms. Telescope appeared in 1608. Since then there have been development in this field. So we have reproduced the antique version of tripod ship telescope. This classic solid brass harbor master telescope on mahogany tripod has excellent optics for viewing indoor objects. These have same magnification as were in the ancient one’s. You may use this telescope for decoration purpose in your bed room, balcony, offices it will give you royalty status this will give you an eloquent look to your home and offices.

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A Telescope is an instrument that is used to view distant objects. If you want to look at the planets, you can use a telescope. The higher the magnification on the telescope, the better your view will be. It's used to see distant objects from animals and landscape, to search space, planets.

History & Invention:

In 1608, Hans Lippershey, a German born Dutch citizen invented a refracting telescope in Middelburg, Netherlands. Lippershey tried to lay claim on a device with three times magnification. His telescope had a concave eyepiece aligned with a convex objective lens. There is a story behind goes that he got the idea for his design after observing two children in his shop holding up two lenses that made a distant weather vane appear close. Others charged at the time that he stole the design from another eyeglass maker, Zacharias Jansen.

The lens telescope is still in use today in smaller telescopes, but many larger and more powerful telescopes use a reflective mirror and eyepiece combination that was initially invented by Isaac Newton. Called a “Newtonian” telescope after its inventor, these types of telescopes have a polished mirror at the end of a tube, which reflects the image into an eyepiece at the top of the tube.

Ancient Ship Telescopes:  After Telescopes Invention they have been used in many places to see far things near, specially telescopes during that era used by Sailors and Pirates to see far distance ships, ports for their safety purpose. Many telescopes were developed time to time depending on magnification powers and advancement models. In 18 th century these telescopes were famous on a large scale when trading through ships was improving, people from ships and ports used Harbor master telescopes to see their ships in sea water and used to arrange required logistics.

Our Telescope Models: We have created these telescopes inspired by those antique telescopes which were used by Pirates or on sea ships. These models look antique. These are handmade collection. These are made by brass with different polishes and their tripods are made of rosewood.


  • Harbour Master Telescopes
  • Griffith Astro Telescopes
  • US Navy Telescopes
  • Royal Navy Telescopes
  • Earlier London Telescopes
  • Monocular
  • Pirate model hand telescopes



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