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Manufacturing Process

The process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer’s expectations or specifications. Manufacturing commonly employs a man-machine set up with division of labour in a large scale production.

We are one of the trusted companies to trust for its quality products. We are committed to provide a premium quality Nautical Gifts and Glass Decoration products for varied industries. Our extensive ranges of products are highly reliable in the market for its exclusivity and durability. The company is one of the trusted names in the highly competitive Internal as well as International market. We have a well qualified team of experts for continuous testing of product's quality at every step of manufacturing process. All these products have been going through of several qualities testing process before dispatched. A vast collection of nautical products are being produced in accordance of International quality standard.

Profile: - We are the direct manufacturer of Nautical Gifts, Medieval Armoury and other Antique reproductions. At “Collectibles buy “we use handicraft of Indian manufacturers and develop replica items which looks like same as used during medieval times. Here we craft these items using Brass as a primary metal supported with other materials like Aluminium, wood, leather etc.

Our Company believes in building long term relationships with the buyers by providing quality products, standard packing and smooth deliveries. This has enables us to bag repeat orders from our existing buyers located worldwide.

Collectibles buy” manufacture replicas of navigational nautical Items used in Early 18th and 19th century and their functionality is as same as used at that time. Now days these Instruments are updated with fully digital devices connected with Satellite Systems.

We specialize in the manufacturing of home decorative items, nautical reproductions and have got a wider range of items to choose from. We categorize as under: -

Medieval Armoury: Medieval time Army dresses used during Battle Wars, Important things used during war like sword, breastplates, shields, hand and leg guards, cape, helmets, saddles, shoes, belts, buckle, arrow, hex, gloves, gauntlets, hunter, full suite of armour etc.

Other Antiques: Under this category we put those items which we developed from original home use decorative articles Like- Old style Telephones, Mirrors, Gramophones, Clocks, Furniture, Boxes, Walking sticks, Decorative articles, Wooden games etc.


We at Collectibles Buy follow certain levels for Manufacturing: -

1- Our Research team gets the original pictures and functionality of the instruments/equipments/Decorative articles and forward this useful information to our designing team.
2- Our designers make a computer generated design after comparing it with our previously manufactured Products.
3- This computer generated model then converted into a prototype model.
4- These models forward to the manufacturing department where we are associated with different Indian Artisans, They are   assigned different works from casting to fitting in a hierarchy.
5- After receiving these samples our Engineering department checks their functionality and Test them using various parameters.
6- After that Full Production house works on high volume productions.

Finish: We provide different finishes to brass such as- Brass finish, Brass antique finish, Copper finish, Copper antique finish, Nickel or chrome finish. The wooden part associated with any of the product is also finished and polished accordingly so that it could suit the brass finish like- Mahogany, Brown etc.

Quality: Utmost care is taken on quality of the product and consignment deliveries so as to give the buyer the value for his money and satisfaction to his clientele. In order to follow this, first some sample pieces are developed according to the Buyer’s instructions and approval and then the manufacturing process starts according to the same sample. In between a thorough internal quality inspection is carried out on regular intervals to locate any discrepancy in manufacturing. After the production all the items are lined up for finishing and polishing as per the buyers instructions. After this process, a final quality check is done again on every single item for any breakage or rejection.

Packaging and Container Stuffing: We provide high standard packing for our reproduction products so as to eliminate the chance of breakage and give the buyers an extra edge and saving on that. For this we pack the fragile items in suitable packing. General items are first wrapped in brown paper and corrugated or a thick bubble sheet and a set of items are put into small carton which goes into the Master Carton. Further we appoint our company representative at the time of container stuffing at the container depot (in case of LCL) to avoid any negligence on part of the loading staff and to enhance safety.

Customization of Items: We can customize the items ordered in bulk quantities and can also provide with badges with write-ups & pictures as these increases the value of the items manifold. The name of company or person or any other text can be provided as per buyers request on the item and on the body of nautical instruments on bulk orders. Further the badges can be put up on the wooden boxes used for nautical survey instruments or other nautical gifts.


Store Location

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

Email : support@collectiblesbuy.co.uk
Phone : +44 20 81444669
Collectibles buy
Dunstable, East England


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