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Vintage Collectibles: From Candle Phones to Ship Lamps

Oct 21, 2013 1:06:23 PM

Collecting vintage items is a very popular hobby. Some people swear by vintage collectibles. When received as a gift, it puts a smile on the face. Vintage collectibles have a history, a story that they carry along while adding an aesthetic touch to a place. A very simple Vintage presents can be as simple as a cranberry glass. Named as ruby glass in Europe, cranberry glass became extremely popular during the Victorian period. Vintage lamps, telephones and cameras are among the other favourite vintage collectibles. Vintage lamps span a broad spectrum, including leading names like Tiffany, Handel and Aladdin. Victorian and slag glass are well-known styles of vintage lamps. Antique and vintage lamps have always been in great demand. Stores keeping vintage items have a wide range of items that can add to your collection. If you find yourself drawn to vintage collectibles, you will find many online stores for consideration. Finding vintage collectibles and items is always fun and challenging. It does more than just adding your collection; it saves the environment. We buy new items and throw them away when they break - a cycle that fills our landfills at an alarming rate. By choosing a vintage for gifting purposes or adding your collection, you are actually reviving the environment. Online search is the best way to find an antique store.

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