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Get world-class nautical accessories!

Apr 29, 2015 12:09:16 PM

Are you one of those people who feel connected to and prefer the soothing blue oceans over the comforts and conveniences of the land? Then you would definitely cherish the exclusive sea-inspired range of products we have on offer at Collectibles Buy. These intricate artworks are crafted by professional artisans and shipped from the Indian warehouses to all over the globe with our special free express delivery system. Made from wood, aluminium and brass; these accessories are sure to become the apple of any sailor’s eye. Use them to decorate your place, give it a personal touch or simply gift to someone special; they make the perfect decor and present items.

What can you find at our store?

  1. Nautical brass compasses - These brass-finish antique compasses look classy and stylish everywhere.
  2. Antique telescopes - Use them to decorate your living room or study table. Show off your sea-love!
  3. Diver’s helmet - These shiny brass diver helmets sure are a collector’s item. Grab your hands on one of them now!
  4. Sand timers - Choose from copper and brass antique hourglasses to adorn your desktops.
  5. Nautical lamps- Get these royal vintage lamp stands to beautiful home and office decoration purposes. Hang ceiling light to add a touch of art at your place.
  6. Ship porthole - Another precious gem in our treasury, these portholes are one of a kind and can be used as hanging mirrors to beautify your walls.

And if you still can’t find enough, why don’t you try something from our nautical combo section? It has carefully selected combinations of vintage telescopes and compass sets. If you wish to enquire about any of our products and services, reach out to us on 2032395439. Need creative advice over decoration and gifting options? Drop a comment! 

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